Camaro 2010 and up VALVE COVERS
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New LS Series Camaro Aluminum Billet LS3 Valve Cover & LS99 Valve Cover

LS3 Valve Cover Camaro


Our Custom Made Billet Valve Cover Assemblies are a complete bolt on turnkey upgrade for the stock GM valve covers. You will not need to relocate your coil packs or purchase any other parts to complete the installation.  Everything you need is included in the package.  Other than a stock GM gasket you will need to supply, no additional parts are required. The Billet Aluminum is "Show" polished to a mirror finish.  These "Original" valve covers & "Spider" coil brackets are CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum Billet Bar.

This Product was designed to upgrade and replace the stock GM valve covers for the Camaro 2010 LS3 valve cover / LS99 valve cover. this unique valve cover system has a USA "Patented" Design.

Exclusive Design, You will not find this valve cover system made by anyone else.

All Camaro Stock GM coil packs are supported.

LS3 Valve Cover and LS99 Valve Cover "Short" Billet Machine Finished Covers


LS3 Valve Cover & LS99 Valve Cover, Short Billet Valve Covers
Mirror "Show" Polish.

Natural Machined Finish as shown


What is Included:  LS3 & LS99 Engine

  • Solid Billet Valve Cover Assembly / "Direct Bolt On"
    Valve Covers (2)

  • Spider Coil Bracket assemblies (4)
  • All Required Stainless steel hardware
  • Spacer Adapter to accommodate GM coil p/n 12573190
    (16) (not required on LS1 / LS6)

  • Oil Cap (1)
  • Protective Wire loom set up

  • Mothers Billet Aluminum Polish


Mirror "Show" Polish pictured above. $650.00

Camaro Stock GM coil packs are supported.

Spider coil bracket assembly for the GM Coil Pack p/n 12611424


Camaro Billet Valve Cover Kits specifically for the:

"Magnuson" MP2300 TVS  Supercharger System

"Whipple" Supercharger System

"Kenne Bell" Supercharger System

We have a "bolt on" baffled aluminum billet valve cover kits for the Supercharged 2010 SS Camaro.

These valve covers come outfitted with our all new "Double" Coil Covers including special provisions to hold the Magnacharger reservoir.  No other special parts are required to match the covers to the engine other than a GM gasket you must supply.

It is everything you will ever need for a Class "A" engine Compartment!





Featured in Vette Magazine

Featured At Jay Leno's "Big Dog" Garage.

As seen on The Speed Channel - My Ride Rules

Custom Billet Valve Covers for Corvettes & Camaros

Built in the U.S.A
  • Our products are new and unique. 
  • 100% Billet Aluminum is machined to exact tolerances. 
  • The Highest Quality Standards are used during manufacturing. 
  • Built in the USA



These products are precision made to specific design tolerances. The product you receive must be of the highest quality possible.

All items are inspected for quality and completeness prior to shipping. All the items are made in Oceanside, Ca. USA.

We have developed this product so that it can be installed as easily and quickly as possible, without any special tools or additional fittings or hardware. It was designed specifically as a factory "bolt on" modification for 1999 and up Corvettes, but can be used on Gen.5 Camaros as well.

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